domenica 14 giugno 2009

About personal diary and stuff

Sometimes I think that I would have liked to grow up in this age. In the internet age.
Probably I would have written my thoughts in a single blog instead of a lot of personal diaries. I'm pretty sure that I would have spread my secrets all over the internet. That wouldn't been such a good idea, indeed.
So, better this way... with a ton of magic diaries holding the secrets of my live, that no one would never know.
I've grown up in the age of paper and pencils. I used to have a lot of pen friends and my mail box was rarely empty. I used to have a good calligraphy then. Now I write a lot, but mostly using a keyboard, and my calligraphy is not so good anymore.

As some of you know, I'm italian and I try to learn english language in different ways.
Mostly I watch movies with english audio, but I think writing may be a good way to improve too.
I'd like any suggestion about my writing.

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